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What should a biology teacher look like?


Hello everyone, the truth is that I always think about this and I am constantly reflecting, because the times are different and every day the teachers must prepare ourselves more in our specialty and in the way we carry out the teaching before our students. Let’s say that, a professor of Biology, from what I have seen, read, practiced and reflected must have certain characteristics that identify him as a good teacher of that subject, let’s say a profile, nothing rigid.

Bain, 2004 in his book “What the Best University Professors Do” states that great professors know their subject extremely well, create what they call an environment for natural critical learning, show great confidence in their students, encourage their students to ask their own questions and have an interest in their own assessment. Taking into account what was pointed out by this author and starting from my experience and some colleagues here I point out some characteristics of a good Biology teacher.

I would like to clarify that you should not follow this description to the letter, on the contrary I do not think I have all the written characteristics that typify a biology teacher, but what I do believe that any of these characters you must have.

    1. Possess knowledge of the subject; whereas, no one can teach what he does not know.
    2. Specialize greatly in your area.
    3. From time to time (the more times the better) surprise your students with new ideas and topics.
    4. Being creative when approaching a topic, not being routine, that bores even the best student.
    5. Perform practical laboratory experiences, there is no one thing that makes a student more happy than an experiment! Let also, from time to time that the student is wrong, gets dirty, I assure you that this will be an indelible experience, in addition to that learning will be for life.
    6. Motivate students in learning Biology, as an everyday science. Generate questions, that students question what they see and that they build their own learning.
    7. Doing activities outside the classroom, such as fieldwork, guided visits to museums, science days, or simply inside the educational institution but outside the classroom, they love this.
    8. Give confidence to the student body, so that they do not see you so far away. This does not mean that there will be no respect, on the contrary, it is there that a relationship of respect Teacher – student begins.
    9. You are a teacher, you don’t know them all either, sometimes we must admit that we were wrong. When this happens and we admit our faults we gain the respect of our students.
    10. Let’s be the teacher we once wanted to have had 🙂
    11. Let’s make the class an ideal climate for participation, so that our students can express their ideas, knowledge and experiences of the subject being treated, without any fear.
    12. Using images, drawings and varied resources (books, computers, pictures, phones, cameras, recorders, blackboard, didactic games, music, web programs, etc.) for our classes is the best! students like it very much.
    13. From time to time, being a little “different” from always being the same and that all our students already know what we are going to do is terrifying. This being different, will bring you some consequences maybe with your own colleagues, but you calm down, you will see that at the same time some of these will also want to be like you.
    14. We have to be ordered with all our materials, with the activities we plan, with the evaluations of our students and be fair when evaluating.
    15. Update your classes, do not even think about trying to teach with the same notebook that you started working and that is most likely a yellow color. That will definitely be a very bad thing for his reputation as a teaching professional.
    16. Finally, the first 10 minutes of a class is the golden opportunity to catch the attention of your students, take advantage of it in putting your skills into practice. Remember also that an ideal class is Theoretical – practical, that is, there are moments to listen but there is also a time to do. If you put both into operation within a class you will see how ideal it is!!

If you know a professor of Biology or another area who is excellent, tell them, surely that will gladden the soul of that teacher and surely you will feel very good about praising the excellent work of a person who has worked to help others to realize themselves as people and be professionals in the future.

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